As I sit here trying to write about how I became a doll artist, I find myself wondering if there was perhaps a spiritual reason for my making dolls, the simple truth however, is that I cannot imagine doing anything else, it has fully consumed me, becoming my focus in life - my passion! Looking back, my whole life has been a preparation for doll making, I always knew I wanted to be an artist, as a child I spent many hours with my father in his studio drawing or painting. Following in his footsteps I attended Art College where I filled my portfolio with many paintings of faces. I worked as a serious artist in the Advertising field, before leaving only to start a family some eight years later.

With the birth of my children came beautiful gifts hand-crafted by my father, gifts which opened the door in to the wonderful world of miniatures. Doll making soon followed and if I am honest it was something I 'knew' I could do - however, with each newly completed piece I am continually amazed that it actually came from my own hand.

Sculpting in to clay which originally came from a mould is a constant struggle to me, yet an affirmation of my talents and skills. Painting is a time when I breathe life in to my dolls using special techniques I have developed which allow me to create life-like appearances. Only when I am entirely happy do I begin costuming preferring to use only vintage materials which somehow spill out of my numerous drawers in my studio. Doll-making, is such a multifaceted art form, thus it allows me the opportunity to utilise every skill I have within me to create a beautiful work of art.

Very possibly the reason I cannot imagine doing anything else is because I find it deeply satisfying and I continue to grow as an artist as I keep searching and learning with each new piece.

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